2017 Trick of the Year winner Tiago Lemos

The 2017 Trick of the Year

This year was by far the toughest year to judge! Anyone in the top 5 could have taken it. Like it or not, it was Tiago Lemos incredible Switch Back Tail on the huge MACBA ledge in Barcelona that came out on top. Its hard to think of other skaters that could Switch Backside Tailslide a chest high ledge for that long. Even Tiago didn’t think it was possible until that session at MACBA, when he turned a joke amongst friends into reality. Skateboarding isn't always just about doing the most technically hard trick or hucking down the biggest set. There’s something to be said about making a flatground, manny or ledge trick look beautiful while still blowing people's minds. That's something special that only a few people can do. From being reposted by heavy skate media outlets to all the Pros & Legends that backed it, Tiago's Switch Back Tail took it to another level and will still be respected 10 years from now. Congrats Tiago Lemos on taking the 2017 Trick of the Year and the $10,000!!!

Zveřejnil(a) Trick Of The Year dne 8. leden 2018

Tak a je rozhodnuto, titul TOTY 2017 oficiálně získává Tiago Lemos a to za svůj dech beroucí backtail, kterej předvedl na Macbě. Z chudýho chlapce z Brazílie se stal jeden z TOP skaterů na světě, proto mu výhru 10.000$ nejvíc přejeme.