Lizard King po dlhých 12 rokov opustil svojho sponzora Deathwish. Zdelil tak dnes na svojom Instagrame. Čo ho k tomu viedlo doposiaľ nie je známe. Držíme mu palce v budúcnosti a tešíme sa, čo za novinky nám Lizard prinesie.


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Today I say goodbye to Deathwish. As I write this my brain is flooded with so many amazing memories! Its hard not to smile and cry at the same time. This company has meant the world to me for a long time. But I’ve learned that in life if you feel you need to change something even if it’s scary you have to do what feels right for you. With that being said that time has come for me. I will always love DeathWish and what it has done for me and the friends it has brought into my life!! To all of you that have supported me over this wild and crazy time it means the world to me. THANK YOU ELLINGTON,GRECO AND REYNOLDS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT OVER THE YEARS I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! Stoked for this next chapter in my life!!! THIS SHIT AINT EVEN CLOSE TO BEIN OVER YET!!!!!!!

Príspevok, ktorý zdieľa Lizard King (@bigbizliz),